Woman smiling at the camera, wearing winter gear, and holding a snowboard. She is about to go snowboarding in Marmot Basin, a ski resort in Jasper National Park. Right behind her at a distance are some trees, ski lifts, and ski lodges. Further beyond are some mountains. This photo was taken on a sunny day with blue skies and no clouds.

Skiing and Snowboarding in Jasper (2024 Guide)

Deep in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is a snowboarder and skier’s paradise. 

Often overshadowed by nearby Banff, Jasper National Park is home to the tallest base elevation in the country, endless snow, and almost 100 runs to try. 

Snowboarding in Jasper was an unforgettable experience for me. The incredible mountain views made every moment on the slopes feel like a dream.

Whether you are a snowboarding and skiing pro or a beginner, there’s a run for you.

Let’s get right into everything about skiing in Jasper, including the best time to ski, where to stay, and tips to have a fun and safe time.

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A woman's foot in a snow boot attached to a snowboard covered with some a bit of snow. She is about to go snowboarding in Jasper in Alberta, Canada. On both sides of the photo, there is a treeline, and the left side has ski lifts. Further in the distance, there are snowcapped mountains. It's a bright and sunny day.

Best Time to Ski & Snowboard in Jasper

The best time for snowboarding and skiing in Jasper is from late November to early May when the mountains have a lot of snow. Having snow longer makes for a longer ski season. 

December to February are the busiest months with the deepest snow and ideal conditions for winter sports. 

I visited Jasper in March and it was a magical experience, with all the charm of winter but without the crowds. 

You should always check weather forecasts and ski resort updates before planning a trip for skiing or snowboarding. The weather on the mountain can change rapidly.

It's snowy day in Jasper National Park. On the left side of the photo, there is a woman going skiing, with a treeline at a distance. There are some snowcapped mountains hiding behind the trees. Towards the center and right side, there is a ski lift, with a group of people riding on chairs on one side, and empty chairs on the other side. The chair lifts are next to the trees. These people are about to go skiing or snowboarding on a sunny day.

Where to Ski & Snowboard in Jasper National Park

When looking for where to ski and snowboard in Jasper National Park, head to Marmot Basin.

Marmot Basin is a ski resort within the park with many different slopes and stunning views.

Even though it’s the only ski hill in Jasper National Park, it offers a variety of skiing and snowboarding options for winter sports enthusiasts. 

And if you are looking for cross-country skiing, the best places to go cross-country skiing include Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake, and Athabasca Falls

These places are quiet in winter, but some spots have more exciting slopes for people who want to try something different when cross-country skiing in Jasper.

A shaded, snowy area on Marmot Basin, a mountain ski resort in Jasper National Park. There is a sign that says:

Marmot Basin
Canada's Highest Base Elevation
1698 Meters

To the left of the sign are some trees.

Further into the distance behind the sign, there are some trees, a ski lodge, and a ski lift.

About Marmot Basin

Marmot Basin is the only ski resort in Jasper National Park. 

While it automatically offers the best snowboarding in Jasper, it’s nothing short of exciting

It has amazing views of the Canadian Rockies and offers a diverse and spacious terrain for skiers and snowboarders in Jasper. 

Plus it has the highest base elevation in Canada, starting at 5570 ft (1698 m).

There are 7 chair lifts and 91 different runs on four parts of the mountain for all levels of skiers.

Beginners will enjoy the magic carpet and School House chair, while pros can easily get to the top of the mountain with the Knob Chair and see the best mountain views. 

Marmot Peak stands at 8570 ft (2612 m) in elevation. So high up you are above the trees! If you are really ambitious, you can hike 20 minutes to reach the peak from the top of the Knob Lift.

And if you need equipment or lessons, they have that too. And the chalet is a nice place to rest and warm up when you’re tired.

If you get hungry, there are lots of options at the cafeteria in the chalet. It’s pricey, but it sure hit the spot after hitting the slopes.

Map of Marmot Basin

Map of Marmot Basin, a mountain ski resort in Jasper National Park. The map showcases a mountain with designated skiing and snowboarding routes. The routes are colour-coded by terrain level.

On the top left of the photo, there is a white square with Marmot Basin's logo which is a logomark that is a play of their initials, MB, in red scribble. Below the logo, there's text that says:

Marmot Basin
Jasper-Canadian Rockies

On the right side of the photo, in white text, it says:

Jasper National Park,
Canadian Rockies 
Canada's Largest & Most Inspiring Rocky Mountain National Park

On the bottom right side of the photo, there section that advertises Marmot Basin's website in big bold red letters:


Underneath that in smaller black text, it says:

Follow Us @ MarmotBasin

Followed by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons, with the hashtag #MyMarmot.

To the right, there id is a map legend that indicates the terrain levels of the mountain by colour. Routes coded in green are for novices, blue for intermediate, black for advanced, double black for experts.

Above the legend, it says:
1698 m/5570 ft
Highest Base Elevation in Canada

Rentals & Lift Tickets

Gear Rentals

If you aren’t bringing your gear with you and need a rental, they have a rental shop at Marmot. Or you can rent gear at one of the shops in downtown Jasper and bring it to the hill.

At Marmot Resort, prices start at $55 for an adult/youth/senior (13+) package that includes skis, boots and poles or boots and snowboards. 

I rented gear in town and brought it to the hill with me. It was slightly cheaper than renting from the hill and it was so quick to get our rentals. We also rented helmets from there earlier in the weekend to hike Maligne Canyon.

Lift Tickets

You can buy lift tickets online via the Marmot Basin website or at the ticket windows when you arrive at the resort. If you buy tickets online, you can skip the line upon arrival.

Choose from single-day or multi-day lift tickets, season passes and special packages that include things like equipment and lessons. 

Single-day tickets start at $139 CAD + tax per adult. Discounts apply to students under 24, youth, and seniors.

I opted for Magic Carpet and School House Lift ticket which is the equivalent of a beginner lift ticket. While it’s limited to only those two places, it was perfect for a novice like me. 

The beginner lift ticket starts at $42 CAD per person and is the most budget-friendly way to experience snowboarding in Jasper for beginners.

You can also get the Marmot Escape Card starting at $99 and save 50% off regular-price Adult, Senior, Student and Youth lift tickets all season long. 

Woman smiling, wearing a helmet, goggles, winter gear, and holding a snowboard on a sunny but snowy day. She is about to go snowboarding in Jasper's ski resort, Marmot Basin. Right behind her at a distance are some trees, ski lifts, and ski lodges. Further beyond are some mountains.

Marmot Basin Review

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most fun winter activities in Jasper National Park and one of the reasons I booked a winter trip to Jasper. 

I picked up my gear rentals in town and headed to the slopes. 

I bought my lift ticket at the ticket booth and then proceeded to the parking lot. 

They have a quirky ski-in-ski-out parking lot, which I haven’t seen while snowboarding in Ontario. So I had to gear up in the parking lot and then immediately be ready to board. 

Having been a few years since I‘d done any boarding, I was rusty. 

I headed down to the Magic Carpet for a practice run before heading to the School House Chair lift. The views from the top were awesome! I was in awe the whole time. 

After a few runs, I ate some lunch at the cafeteria and went back out there. 

I finally called it a day after I faceplanted. It was a fun day, but I ended up covered in bruises from falling so much. They were my badges of honour and proof that I successfully snowboarded in the Rocky Mountains

A winding road leading to Jasper National Park. On the right, there are trees with an exit sign that indicates that one is in Jasper. Right below, there are arrows pointing to the right leading to the town of Jasper and Hazel Avenue, with some rest stops. There are mountains of the Jasper National Park at a distance with a sunny bright sky above.

Getting From Jasper to Marmot Basin

To get from Jasper to Marmot Basin, you can either take a shuttle service or drive

Some hotels in Jasper, including Chateau Jasper and Lobstick Lodge, offer shuttle services for guests during the winter season which makes it hassle-free to get to Marmot Basin. 

There is no direct public bus service to the resort but there are private tour operators that offer shuttle services for Marmot Basin visitors during the ski season. 

You can also drive to Marmot Basin like I did, as it’s only 20km from Jasper and the views along the Icefields Parkway are very picturesque.

Driving directions from Downtown Jasper to Marmot Basin:

  • Head northeast on Connaught Drive towards the 16-A
  • Merge onto the 16-A
  • Continue onto 93-S
  • Turn right onto 93-A
  • Turn right onto Marmot Road
  • Continue 10.6km until you reach the entrance

Marmot Basin

1 Marmot Rd, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0

Where to Stay in Jasper on a Ski Holiday

If you’re going to Jasper in the wintertime, stay near the town so you can easily get to all the fun things and yummy places to eat. Here is where to stay in Jasper during winter

Chateau Jasper – 3-star hotel in downtown Jasper with shuttle bus to Marmot ski area

Lobstick Lodge – 3-star hotel in Jasper with outdoor jacuzzis and shuttle bus to Marmot 

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – 4-star stay luxury hotel with spa and skating rink

A sunny, snowy day at Marmot Basin, a ski resort in Jasper National Park. The photo showcases a vast ground full of snow, and trees on both sides. On the left, at a distance, there is someone skiing, and a ski lift. Further beyond the distance are snowy mountains.

Helpful Tips for Visiting Marmot Basin

  • Arrive early for parking at Marmot Basin, especially during peak times
  • To save time and start your day on the slopes faster, purchase lift tickets in advance online
  • Check weather conditions and forecasts to be well-prepared for snowboarding or skiing in Jasper, as the mountain environment can change quickly
  • For a more relaxed experience, plan your visit midweek rather than weekends. This means shorter lift lines and more space on the slopes for you to enjoy

Things to Do After Skiing in Jasper

Jasper Skiing FAQs

Is Jasper Good for Snowboarding and Skiing?

Yes, Jasper is good for snowboarding and skiing. Marmot Basin makes it a top destination. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the views are breathtaking and that’s why so many people go here during winter.

Does Jasper Have a Ski Resort?

Yes, Jasper has a ski resort. Marmot Basin is the only ski resort in Jasper. It offers 91 runs and is only 20 minutes from Jasper town. 

Is Jasper or Banff Better for Snowboarding and Skiing?

Whether Jasper or Banff is better for snowboarding and skiing depends on your personal preferences. Choose Jasper for a more isolated place with different types of terrain within one resort. Choose Banff for a lively town with more than one resort and great views.

Final Thoughts on Snowboarding in Jasper National Park

Jasper is a great destination for anyone who loves snowboarding and skiing or wants to learn. 

Marmot Basin was the best ski resort I’ve been to so far. Snowboarding in Jasper was a bucket list experience that I’ll never forget. 

The mountain views and 91 runs to choose from make it great for expert riders, beginners, and anyone who loves being in the snow. 

And now that you know you want to go to Jasper and ski, you should start planning the rest of your weekend trip to Jasper

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