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Scuba Diving in Anilao, Philippines: Misadventure

Last updated on October 4th, 2022

Planning on scuba diving in Anilao, Philippines? Then you will want to make sure this misadventure doesn’t happen to you.

The Philippines is well-known for its scuba diving, and having both heard and read great things about diving in the Philippines, I was excited to try scuba diving here in Anilao. 

We would spend the afternoon diving in Anilao, 3 hours south of Manila in the Batangas region, and then head back to the Manila area for the remainder of our trip. 

Only P and I would be diving today, along with our divemaster. 

We boarded the boat that was waiting to take us near the dive spot. Feeling the ocean breeze hit our faces as we sped along, we were on our way. The shoreline appeared to shrink away in the distance. With the sun beaming down, we were happy the boat was covered. When we stopped, we geared up and prepared to enter the water.

scuba dive boat anilao philippines

Jumping off the boat, we began swimming along the surface of the water towards the buoy that marked the dive spot. 

While swimming, I felt a slight sting on my arm but didn’t think anything of it. Then I felt another one. After the second sting, I didn’t feel anymore. I later discovered what it was that stung me.

Once we arrived at the buoy, we started our descent into the ocean to explore below. 

I grabbed onto the buoy line and used it to assist me in my descent. As I always have difficulty descending, it is helpful to hold onto the buoy line for help. I slowly equalize my ears and move downwards to the ocean floor. 

P, already at the bottom and the divemaster near my side, patiently waited for me to reach the bottom before we would all explore the dive area together. 

After we got back to shore after the dive, I noticed I had two red dots on my forearm that were slightly stinging. What caused these red dots on my arm? Having brought the waterproof camera with us on the dive, I decided to investigate. 

jellyfish sting arm scuba dive philippines

I looked back through the footage and saw the jellyfish clearly on the video. Nothing else showed in the video at the water surface but the jellyfish. 

And that’s when I knew it was jellyfish stings that I had on my arm.

It was a jellyfish! I just got stung by a jellyfish twice. I couldn’t believe it had happened! 

jellyfish anilao philippines scuba diving

Now you may be thinking, don’t you have to pee on a jellyfish sting? 

No, my stings did not need to be peed on, unlike in that one episode of Friends. 

All my friends asked me about the pee thing when I got back home to Canada. Luckily, the sting and dots went away on their own later that day.

Neither Patrick nor I knew jellyfish would be along the water surface where we planned to scuba dive. The jellies were small in size and were not dangerous. They only gave a faint little sting. With their almost-clear colour, I didn’t even notice them in the water.

Although, that would have been cool to see jellyfish super up and close!

Our divemaster did not inform us of any potential dangers, so I’m sure he knew it was safe to swim along the surface of the water. Surely, he would have informed us if there was anything for us to worry about diving in this area?  So everything had to be okay.

dive site anilao philippines beautiful

We were not mad at him after the dive for not informing us. Our divemaster gave us a great dive experience, and nothing serious happened. Everything was okay. It just would have been nice to be forewarned to be cautious that small jellyfish are around the area to avoid being stung. My guess is he didn’t want to frighten us.  

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the particular dive site we visited, but the memories of being stung by jellyfish remain. Thankfully, the jellyfish were not dangerous enough to sting more severely or require medical attention. 

Despite being stung, I had a great scuba dive in Anilao with so many colourful fish! Like the colourful fish you see in an aquarium. The dive did not disappoint. They were the most fish I have ever seen while scuba diving, and all were so colourful. It was incredible. I would go scuba diving again in Anilao, Philippines. 

colourful fish anilao phillipines scuba dive

Tip: If scuba diving in Anilao, try and wear a long sleeve dive suit if one is available, or bring your own long sleeve swimwear. 

Hope you enjoyed my story about being stung by jellyfish in the Philippines. 

Happy travelling!

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Have you gone scuba diving before? Where have you tried it? I’d love to hear all about your experience. Have you not tried scuba diving before?

Let me know if you would try it or not in the comments.

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